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Fix the Fells

Millions of visitors come to the upland fells of Lake District every year. Well- maintained footpaths is of great importance to us in order to preserve our environment. This also ensures that future generations are able to enjoy the Lakes as we do. If we fail to ensure that the footpaths are maintained, they will erode and deposit sediment into the beautiful lakes and streams. This in turn could affect the wildlife that we treasure so much.

When you stay with us, you will be offered the opportunity to donate £2 to our cause upon billing. Your money will be split between our Fix The Fells and Red Squirrel Protection funds.

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Red Squirrels

The Red Squirrel is endangered and could die out in this country within fifteen years unless immediate action is taken. The American Grey Squirrel was introduced to England 140 years ago, and ‘out-competed’ the Red Squirrel. Reds are also highly affected and likely to be killed by the Squirrel Pox Virus, which is commonly carried by Greys. This is only killing our Red Squirrel population faster and we must do something to protect their species.

Look out for the Reds!

If you spot a Red Squirrel on your travels here then please let us know. Spotting a Red Squirrel is very important to help us to find out where the species may still be living.
We need all the help we can get to protect the rare Reds and your money will make all the difference.

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