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Kate Rawles adventures Ambleside Lake District Carbon Cycle

It’s our world, it’s our responsibility to look after it.

That’s always been our philosophy, and we know that as hoteliers we are in a strong position to set a good example.

That’s why we invited a group of travel writers to join us here to look at some of the issues around sustainable tourism.

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Mountain Biking; Lake District; Best 5 Places to go

Top Five Places to Go Mountain Biking in the Lake District

Remember the joy when you got your first bike? We think mountain bikers are just big kids who never found anything better than whizzing down a hill on two wheels. The Lake District offers the perfect terrain, and lots of great facilities, for cyclists who want a thrill.

1: Claife Heights: Windermere

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Best Drives in the Lake District

The top five drives in the Lake District

The thrill-seeker

This one’s for the adrenaline-junkie and is the quickest route to hilltop heaven from our front gate. In fact, a recent visitor who came in a Caterham sports car, wrote that: “I knew it was going to be fun. In actual fact it was so much fun that I drove back up again to have another go.”

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Windermere; Lake District; Rainy Day; Cedar Manor Hotel

Five rainy day things to do in the Lakes

We don’t want anyone to think that it rains in the Lake District…but without the rain, there would be no lakes! So we make the most of rainy days, because there’s so much you can do while keeping warm and dry.

Here’s five of our favourites.

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Beatrix Potter; Peter Rabbit; Lake District; 7 places to visit Beatrix Potter

In search of Beatrix Potter - our tips for 7 lovely places to find Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter is loved by children and grown-ups alike throughout the world. And here in Windermere we are in the heart of Peter Rabbit country, so here’s our choice of the best places to find the spirit of the wonderful writer, illustrator – and natural scientist.

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