A Challenge to Bloggers....

A Challenge to Bloggers....


A challenge to bloggers... win a free stay at our award-winning hotel

In the days when newspapers were printed, and delivered through your letterbox, life was pretty simple. Journalists were trained to write news stories, and when they developed expertise, they could write opinion pieces, about politics, war, food, travel...and hotels.

Now we are all citizen journalists, thanks to the internet. We are all telling the world our version of the news, on Facebook and Twitter, and anyone can set up a blog and start telling the world their opinions about politics, war, food, travel....and hotels.

As one of the most popular award-winning hotels in the Lake District, we've always been happy to welcome journalists. We don't expect them to be sycophantic, and say that everything's wonderful, just because they had a free night or two here. In fact, we're confident enough to believe in ourselves, and the quality of what we offer here, knowing that if they are fair and honest in what they write, it is likely to be positive.

And we understand that journalists are looking for an angle when they write their stories. Recently we hosted a writer who was exploring how easy it is to enjoy a holiday in the Lakes without a car. It was a good choice to be based here: we're just a few minutes walk from the train station, we have a bus stop outside our gate, and we have electric bikes that guests can use. The result was a useful and illuminating article and, yes, we enjoyed some compliments.

Now, though, we are getting requests from bloggers who want to come and stay here, and not all of them realise that they need to offer something in return. Their blogs have professional-sounding titles, they claim to be authorities on food, hospitality, travel etc, though we can't see how many actual readers they might have. Unlike a journalist who comes from the Times or the Birmingham Post ...or the Westmorland Gazette.

And then – nothing. No article appears. No words seem to be written or published. We think there's something a little dishonest going on here, and we know that other hoteliers are experiencing the same disappointment.

So we're running a little competition. We're offering a free stay here, for a couple of nights, with dinner, for a blogger and his or her partner. You can check on our website to see what the value of that is likely to be.

What we want in return is to see the blog that you are writing for, to have some evidence that your work is being published, and a guarantee that you'll honour your part of the bargain by publishing a story after your visit.

We can promise the very best in hospitality. Check the comments on Tripadvisor if you need to be convinced. Better still, come along and meet us, and stay with us, enjoy our garden, the walks from our door, the food in our restaurant. We're looking forward to hearing from you, if in return you can prove you are:

  • Relevant to our business
  •  Can identify our target market
  • Have an established readership that meets our demographic
  • You have followers on social media
  • You have a plan to promote us in return for a fantastic stay.
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