A face-lift for a Gorgeous Room

A face-lift for a Gorgeous Room


As our guests know, we have just ten rooms here, and all of them are very distinctive and differently designed. Though all are equally luxurious.

We never sit back, though, and assume that a well-loved room will look as good next season. We’ve been working our way through the hotel on a continuing programme of decoration and refurbishment, and these last few weeks we’ve had the builders into one of our own favourites.

Favourite? Well, the Windermere Room is named after our local lake. Yes, England’s biggest and most popular lake, but it’s “ours”, it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, and you can see it from some of our windows.

The Windermere is one of our larger rooms, and is in the older part of the building. We think it was originally the master bedroom of the house, with some stained glass and a window seat looking down on the front lawn and out towards the magnificent Cedar Tree that gives its name to the hotel.

The builders are an entertaining bunch, working for local firm Tony Dixon Builders. They’ve even been posting photos of their lunches and snacks on social media when they’ve had leftovers from our haute-cuisine kitchen. No wonder they enjoy working here.

We believe in supporting local businesses and the local economy. Our furniture is all hand-crafted at Lakeland Fells just down the road at the other end of the town. And of course all our designing is done by the inspired and talented Alison Tordoff at Fidget Design who never fails to come up with something new and exciting.

We hope you’ll be impressed. Browse a few photos of how Windermere is looking or check out ALL our rooms. We know you’ll find one that you love.

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