Green Credentials

Green Credentials at Cedar Manor Hotel and Restaurant


Becoming a Green Hotel was very important for us at Cedar Manor. We love the Lake District and sharing the beauty of the National Park with our guests, but we do want to minimise the impact that we as a business has on the environment. Sustainable tourism takes the needs of our environment, local residents, their businesses and visitors into account.

The Green Tourism Business Scheme

Green Tourism is relevant to all tourism enterprises of any size and location. Whichever form of tourism it applies to, Green Tourism businesses are actively involved in reducing the things that contribute to a negative environment.


How sustainable tourism works for everyone


With the help of GTBS (the Green Tourism Business Scheme), we can support a more sustainable tourist environment.

  • Benefit our environment by saving resources
  • Cuts down waste
  • Reduces costs by being more efficient and raising staff awareness
  • Satisfies the customers’ expectations of a business to look after its environment
  • Brings in new customers
  • Improves your image to the public
  • Heightens the customers’ experience
  • Provides better quality for the services you offer
  • Helps the local community
  • Benefits the local economy
  • Cuts down pollution and congestion
  • Enhances natural surroundings

Fix the fells


By giving your custom to a Green Tourism Business Scheme business, you will be guaranteed...

That the business:

  • Will be committed to Green Tourism and protecting the environment
  • Will be working with the appropriate environmental regulations

That the site:

  • Will meet the minimum standards of practice over a variety of sustainable indicators for development.
  • Will have been audited by a professional to make sure that standards are being maintained.
  • Will be committed to giving a reasonable quality of service at least (between 1 and 5 stars)



That we will:

  • Check our site every two or three years in accordance with the regularly updated standards for sustainable development.
  • Look into any complaints given to us about the environmental commitment or performance of our business.



As part of our membership, we receive regular bulletins and updates from the GTBS and a bi-annual grading. We are now able to measure our Carbon Footprint and we are happy to show you some of our goals and targets (below in the PDF document). This is our Environmental Management Scheme. It’s a working document and shows you where we are up to with our plans.


Nurture Lakeland


Was launched in May 1994 to help support dozens of projects that are running within the National Park. We have joined a program called Visitor Giving where we ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per guest per visit. This fundraising is split between two projects that we are passionate about – Fix the Fells and Save our Squirrels. To date, we have raised, with our guests help, nearly £10,000 for these projects. You can read much more about Nurture Lakeland’s work by clicking the logo on the left.