I'm dreaming of a White Easter

I'm dreaming of a White Easter


I’m dreaming of a white Easter….

There’s something very divisive about snow. You either love the white stuff, or you hate it.

Here in the Lakes, we’re surrounded by adventurers who long for the big freeze. They want snow, in big quantities, that thaws a bit then freezes again, repeatedly, for the best climbing conditions.

Or they want the added piquancy of walking or running over territory once-familiar that changes beyond all recognition when the snow falls.

Then there are others who’d rather hibernate until the spring. Only this time, we got the worst of the winter on the first day of spring.

It has been a rather long winter here in the Lakes, for sure. We even had a heavy snowfall just a couple of days after Christmas, which is relatively unusual. The seasons seem to be changing, with milder autumns and mild early-winter, with the coldest temperatures hitting in February.

What’s certain is that there’s nothing you can do about it! Going with the flow, taking to sledges or even skis, is the wiser option – unless you really would prefer to curl up in front of the fire with a book or a boxed set.

We do have the best of all worlds here at Cedar Manor. Our garden has looked like a winter wonderland, as this photo shows, but the road outside was kept open through all the “bad” weather. Guests could get here, and could then choose to head out for adventures…or stay cosy inside.

Not so lucky were friends in the north of Cumbria who were house-bound for several days, in the villages around Fellside, South Stainmore and Alston. In fact, the Royal Marines had to fly in by helicopter on a mercy mission, taking food, fuel, medicines and electrical heating appliances as many residents were said to be burning furniture to keep warm.

We’re going to run a poll on social media to find out how many of you like to see snow. But I don’t think there’ll be many dreaming of a white Easter.

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