Lake District Backgammon Championship 2016

Lake District Backgammon Championship 2016


Edinburgh’s Ian Hesketh took the top prize at the 2016 Lake District backgammon championship here at the Cedar Manor.

Ian was the runner-up in 2014, when we first set up the tournament to see if there was any interest in the game here in Cumbria.

The response has been astonishing, and this time we attracted 16 top players from across the UK. We now have the backing of the UK Backgammon Federation, but we also have the best location and best hospitality (in our opinion!) and a great prize – the winner gets to come and stay here.

This year Ian defeated British UKBGF team captain Tim Cross in a nail-biting final game. In fact, the whole tournament saw some really thrilling games, some of the best backgammon we’ve ever seen.

Backgammon is one of the world’s oldest board games, combining skill and chance, and is played in cafés across the Mediterranean and in the most exclusive of London clubs, with world championships staged in exotic locations.

Since we started the tournament, we have also been hosting a regular local backgammon club here, and we would love to encourage more players. It’s an easy game to learn, and we would love to meet some newcomers who want to come and join us.

You will also be very welcome to play if you’re staying here on holiday. Jonathan can always be tempted to get a board out; you only have to ask.

So call us, and we will let you know when the group is meeting next. You might turn into a world champion, but you will definitely have a lot of fun.

Anyone interested in joining the group should ring 015394 43192.

And for those who like to see the full facts and figures, here’s the results from this year’s championship:

First Round

Irving Czechowicz Vs Martin Barkwill  Result – Irving Won 7-6

John Wright vs Pam Wright  Result – John Won  7-6

Allan Dye  Vs Jol Wardle  Result – Jol Won 7-3

David Gallagher  Vs Jonathan Backhouse  Result – David won  7-2

Graeme Turner Vs  Samantha Wilkinson  Result – Sam won 7-5

Andrew Hunter vs Tim Cross  Result – Tim Won 7-2

Neil Parnaby  vs  Keith Gill  Results – Neil Won 7-6

Ian Hesketh vs  Gary Bratton   Results  – Ian Won 8-5


Second Round

Neil Parnaby vs David Gallagher  – Neil won 7-5

Irving Czechowicz vs Jol Wardle  – Irving won 7-6

John Wright vs Tim Cross  -Tim won 7-6

Samantha Wilkinson vs Ian Hesketh  – Ian won 7-5


Neil Parnaby vs Ian Hesketh  Result – Ian won 7-1

Tim Cross vs Irvin Czechowicz  Result  – Tim won 7-6


Ian Hesketh vs Tim Cross  Result Ian Won 7-5


Andrew Hunter vs Pam Wright  Result – Pam won 7-5

Jonathan Backhouse vs Graeme Turner   Result – Graeme won  7-2

Alan Dye vs Keith Gill  results – Alan won 7-1

Martin Barkwill vs  Gary Bratton  – Martin won  7-3

Semi Final

Pam Wright vs Alan Dye   Pam won – 8-2

Graeme Turner vs Martin Barkwill   Graeme won 8-0


Graeme Turner vs Pam Wright    Graeme Won 7-4

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