A little Green message!

A little Green message!


Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees

Regular visitors to the Cedar Manor might have noticed more bees in our garden this year. The really keen-eyed will also have seen an increase in the number of birds, and species of birds, in the garden and grounds.

This is a wonderful result of our organic approach to gardening, and part of our commitment to sustainable living. Caring for the environment isn’t just a strategy for us, it’s at heart of all we’ve been doing since we took over here ten years ago.

We all have a duty to look after our planet, and particularly here, in the loveliest corner of our planet, we feel it’s even more crucial. All the little things matter. You’ll have notice there are no plastic bottles in your room; the water is ours, filtered, and filled into glass bottles.

It’s why we ask you to switch off lights that you’re not using, it’s why we use local suppliers, and why the furniture in your room is made – and designed – locally. It’s why we have the electric car charging points, and why we recycle our waste.

We go further to help maintain and improve the environment here in the national park. We support the Lake District Foundation to fund conservation projects, and – with your help – support Fix the Fells, making sure that the footpaths are safe, while fitting into the landscape. And Caroline has even been out re-painting the signs that will guide you to the lake when you go for a walk.

We’re pleased that our efforts are recognised; we’re in the finals of some awards for eco-hotels, and  we’ve been selected to test an app that will help us monitor energy use. We’re members of Considerate Hotels, a specialist company that helps hospitality businesses operate responsibly, selected by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to develop this energy management app, and we are one of just ten hotels to be selected to test this.

So when you’re sitting on the patio this evening with your G&T, watching the bees on our hanging baskets, remember that you’re part of something that is making this happen. Then relax…you’re on holiday!

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