New Year Resolution?

New Year Resolution?


New Year resolution?  Can we make one for you…please!

New Year Resolutions? Of course we made them, and of course we will keep them. What else is January for?

But there's one thing we're determined to do this year - and it needs your co-operation, if you're reading this. We want to make sure that the world around us here in the Lakes realises that we have one of the top restaurants in the county. And that it's open to non-residents.

Discerning diners who live in this area, around Windermere and Kendal and Ambleside, are beginning to appreciate we can provide what they want for that special occasion. We don't get many casual passers-by because we're off the beaten town-centre track in Windermere, but then all the top places need to be booked in advance.

We were prompted to shout about our restaurant after a lovely review appeared recently on TripAdvisor. We can't be falsely modest here; we have some wonderful reviews from guests who stay here and we are consistently at the top of the list for hotels in Windermere.

But this was a report from a couple who just came for dinner. They were brought here by friends who live in Kendal, who said it was one of their favourites.

"Wonderful welcome," they wrote, "making us feel like good friends, comfortable lounge for pre-dinner drinks with nuts and savoury nibbles and coffee later with home-made truffles , beautifully presented food and sufficient for healthy appetites.

"We left thinking we would be lifelong friends, wonderful couple and staff making a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at the same time remaining highly professional."

How lovely to read compliments such as that! Yes, we do indeed try to treat all our visitors as if they were friends. But here's a tribute, as well, to our chef Roger, one of the most unassuming of all kitchen maestros.  He hates a fuss. He doesn't want the limelight or the cult of the celebrity, as many other chefs do. But he's been consistently brilliant in our kitchen for a number of years, and if he doesn't want fame, then his dishes deserve it.

How does this sound, for starters? Mussel and Saffron Risotto with spinach, pak choi, peas and rocket? Or what about a Ham Hock Terrine, with parsley jelly, pease pudding and piccalilli?

Got you tempted, haven't we. So let's look at a couple of mains, perhaps the Pan Fried Hake with caramelised fennel, sea vegetables and a dry sherry sauce; or the divine Slow Cooked Lamb in a spicy tamarind and date sauce with garlic mashed potatoes.

And Roger's desserts are heaven - with imagination. Like Apple and Damson Cobbler with almond milk and fenugreek ice cream; or White Chocolate Parfait with spiced poached figs, churros and roasted hazelnuts.

Got you hooked? We hope so, and we hope to see you here soon. We've made our new year resolution; this could be yours.

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