Something Missing in the Lakeland Landscape

Something Missing in the Lakeland Landscape


Visitors to the Lake District notice small changes each season. Shops in Windermere close, and re-open as something else. New cafes and bars appear.  New trees are planted, old ones are cleared to re-open views and vistas. And we’re always doing something new here at the Cedar Manor…redecorating rooms, new planting in the garden, new dishes on the menu.

But some things never change. From Orrest Head, a wonderful viewpoint that’s only a short climb from our front door, you can look across the lake at a mountain outline that’s always familiar. From the Coniston fells in the west, across the serrated ridge of the Crinkle Crags, to the dominant point of Bowfell, and then the unmistakeable silhouette of the Langdale Pikes – these are the views that our visitors come to see, and in many cases the hills that they come to climb.

And yet there are changes, day by day and even moment by moment. In spring the trees seem to be getting greener as you watch, creating a new frame for the mountain vista. The clouds form patterns over the summits, and the changing light alters the perspective. It’s a living, breathing, moving landscape and one that we never tire of, day after day, year after year.

One thing has been missing, though, this spring. We call it The Clag, that low mizzly-drizzly cloud that descends down the mountain ridges, creeping ever closer to the surface of the water on the lake. Not this spring. The weather has been remarkably good, sharp-bright days, lots of sun, cloud levels usually well above the fell-tops.

The low rainfall makes an impact underfoot, too. We can go out now confident that our feet will stay dry, that the bogs are drying out, and paths are paths again, not little streams.

This might be tempting fate; if we write this today, are we responsible if the heavens open tomorrow? We would say, take a chance. There are more bank holidays coming up, more tempting weekends when you need a rest, or more midweek breaks to lure you. And in our view, nowhere more lovely to come and stay for a few days.

Come and see if YOU can notice any changes, here at Cedar Manor, or out there on the lake or on the fells. 

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