Holiday dreamers used to get out the atlas in January to plan trips to far off wonderful destinations.

But now that the world’s a much smaller place – we’re all widely travelled now, aren’t we – there’s a tendency to get out the map of Britain instead and plan a staycation.

There are two forces behind this trend. One is the growing realisation that, wherever you go in the world, you’ll never find anywhere quite so lovely as the unspoiled corners of the UK. Or as we prefer to call it, the Lake District!

The other is that growing sense of unease about our own carbon footprint. Do we HAVE to go by plane to enjoy a holiday, or can we apply some common sense as well as a deepening concern for the environment?

There’s certainly nothing romantic about flying these days, as anyone who’s queued up at security at Heathrow, or been held custom-hall captive by Gatwick drones, will testify.

And we know that the Lake District can match anywhere in the world for scenery, outdoor activities, great food – and accommodation.

You’ll know that just before Christmas we were announced as the winners of the Sustainable Hotel of the Year award at the Hotel Cateys ceremony at London’s Westminster Plaza Hotel.

The Cedar Manor hotel has set the standard for green tourism in the Lake District and this is fantastic recognition of our efforts; the Cateys are recognised as the Oscars of the hospitality world.

And it’s why visitors who care enough for the planet to choose a domestic holiday are heading our way. We were singled out recently by travel writer Valery Collins who mentions Windermere – and particularly us – in her round-up of the best UK destinations.

Valery was a visitor at our sustainable tourism forum last month, and wrote about her experience:

She had listened to our friend Kate Rawles describe a South American adventure which she’d accessed by taking a merchant-vessel boat all the way there – and back – to keep her carbon footprint as low as possible.

And Valery, our prolific writer, loved her stay with us, as she wrote in yet another article.    

So we intend to continue on our green journey here. The Catey  judges praised our team at the Cedar Manor for great long-term commitment to sustainable practice.

We have operated a determined green policy since we took over more than 10 years ago. Acknowledged as the top luxury boutique hotel in the area, we have put care for the environment at the top of the list in every decision made.

We appreciate that visitors have very high expectations with regard to this, and in the heart of the national park we have a responsibility to maintain and improve the environment.

So while you’re spending these dark evenings thinking about your perfect escape, give us a call. We promise we can match any experience anywhere in the world.

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